SEN Couture is an American made fashion line, was founded by designer Trang Phung in January 2010, when she set out to meet discriminating needs of urban ladies and trend-setters, who crave Couture quality at attainable cost. Born in challenging economic times in which it had to compete with the world’s most established designers, like Lotus flower that rises above the mud to become most pure and elegant, SEN Couture has quickly risen above and commanded attention in the fashion industry as high profile celebrities select SEN to wear on special events, red carpets and TV shows. SEN Couture is also featured in film productions and many fashion magazines all over the world.

Before SEN Couture, women who wanted exquisite designs were left with the limited choice of ordinary mass-produced or expensive Couture. With SEN Couture, SENsible ladies can find the most SENsual, SENsational pieces without paying an exorbitant price.