5Progress is a new label of Romantic srl group, already well-known in the fashion market with brand Caban Romantic, the leatherwear couture 100% made in Italy. 5progress was born in 2015 from the idea of a capsule collection of customized vintage military jackets, dedicated to young women with a fresh approach, innovative and original style.

The philosophy of 5progress is an easy glam vibe that is well represented by their claim: LUXURY AFFORDABLE.

5progress is getting more and more attention from public, press and fashion insiders with its total look collections made of special jackets, the brand’s it-piece, tulle skirts, shirts and blouses.

Fabric quality and embroidery are at the base of the project together with accurate research, craftsmanship and experimentation. Starting from the vintage idea, the brand revisits historic pieces in a modern way with a unique twist thanks to embroidered patches that recalls the botanical world or the traditional old school tattoos.

The production is 100% Made in Italy, the company is proud to encourage micro-enterprises and small artisans from the Veneto region in the North East of Italy.

5progress is a rising project that lands in the best luxury boutiques in Italy and around the World. With a precise distribution strategy the main reference markets have been covered, from Europe to the USA.


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