The Giulia N Couture Collection was born from Giulia Nati’s passion for fashion: digital entrepreneur, social influencer and above all designer. The garments are characterized by trendy and colorful moods, eclectic and conceptual with a decidedly globetrotting flavor for a metropolitan mix & match. The quality of the product is fundamental and declined in the search for the best fabrics and the most accredited manufacturing rigorously made in Italy. Accessories play a decisive role within the collection, enhancing the character of Giulia, hats, bags, stoles and belts born from the best Italian creativity and made by the most advanced manufacturing on the market. The Giulia N Couture Collection plays with the elegance and provocation typical of the most inspired fashion using precious fabrics enriched with rhinestones, cabochons and jewel details. Knitwear and fabric garments are always offered in trendy lines and shapes. In a nutshell, the Brand is a surprise game of details, which characterize clothes of impeccable elegance with a new chic flavor: collections that express a harmonious luxury, designed to excite. A collection “Made with Love” as the slogan that has characterized the brand since 2013 in both conceptual and stylistic terms.